What You Need to Know About Refrigerant Dryers

If you’re going to get proper operation out of your compressed air system, you’re going to need a refrigerant air dryer to remove some of the liquid moisture and maintain a low relative humidity.

A refrigerant air dryer cools down the compressed air, allowing the water inside the air to condense and get separated from the air. This is an important step for ensuring safe and efficient operation of the air compressor, as compressors do not function well with humid air inside of them.

Here’s a quick look at what you need to know about refrigerant dryers from an air compressor repair shop in 53212.

Stages of air drying

In the first stage of the air drying process, the compressed air goes into the dryer, passing through an air to air heat exchanger. This process cools the incoming air.

Next, that compressed air goes through an air to refrigerant heat exchanger to reduced the dew point in the compressed air coming to the system, generally to around 3 degrees Celsius or 37 degrees Fahrenheit. Any water that was in the air condenses into liquid in this stage, so it can be trapped and then removed from the system.

Finally, the air gets warmed back up in the air to air heat exchanger to reduce its relative humidity, preventing condensate from forming inside the piping, where it could cause a variety of potential problems.

Different types of dryers

When you’re looking for refrigerant dryers for your air compressor, your primary choices will be non-cycling and VSD dryers.

A non-cycling dryer is the conventional form of dryer, in which the refrigerant compressor continuously operates. Ambient temperatures and compressed air flow may vary in such a system, so a bypass valve may be used to regulate the refrigerant’s temperature in such a way that will prevent freezing operating conditions inside the system. These dryers usually feature piston compressors that work at a fixed speed.

VSD refrigerant air dryers use scroll compressors with a spiral element that orbits around another fixed element. This type of dryer is designed to be small and quiet. It also has variable speed thanks to the inverter that powers the spiral element, which allows you to match the speed to the demand in a way that significantly cuts down on energy consumption.

Most compressed air systems do not function under static temperature and flow conditions, so having that variable speed functionality is helpful for getting better control over the compressor during lower temperature conditions and reduced loads. While this type of dryer will likely cost you more up front, it will save you more over time in operating costs.

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