The History of Air Compressors

Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, many people use air compressors every day. But when you go to turn on your air compressor, do you ever think about its history? Probably not! We’re not just experts in air compressor sizes in 53212—we also know quite a bit about their history.

Continue reading to learn more about the backstory behind air compressors.

It began with bellows

In 1800 B.C., humans invented a rudimentary version of a bellow that could blow pure oxygen into a fire. Not only would a bellow keep the fire going for longer, but it could also raise the temperature of the flame, making metallurgy and other crafts easier.

Though small improvements came along here and there, the basic bellow design remained unchanged for three millennia. In the mid 1700s, inventor John Smeaton found a way to automate bellows by rigging the machine to a waterwheel.

The first air compressors

John Wilkinson took Smeaton’s design and patented the hydraulic blowing machine in 1757. His invention was able to increase the airflow rate for blast furnaces, drastically increasing the production rate of cast iron. These hydraulic blowing machines can be thought of as the first air compressor for sale.

From powering digging tools in metal mines to running entire fabrication plants, compressed air began being used in a variety of different industries as technology improved over the next few centuries. As electricity use became more widespread in the early to mid 1900s, air compressors switched from being powered by steam to electricity.

The road to modern air compressors

The use of compressed air blew up (no pun intended) in the 1900s. People realized air compressors could be used for everything from powering tanks in World War I to building skyscrapers and residential homes in the suburbs. We also wouldn’t have mass-produced packaged foods or appliances if companies didn’t use compressed air in their manufacturing plants.

As we found more uses for compressed air, the tools only became more and more popular across the globe.

The many uses of compressed air today

From handheld models to large, stationary units, there are a ton of different air compressor sizes in 53212that can be used in a variety of ways.

Home improvement DIY-ers, mechanics and construction crews can use air compressors to power their hammer drills, nail guns, sanders, riveters, jackhammers and a ton of other tools. Powering these tools with compressed air saves people from some hard labor and makes the job a ton faster.

Larger air compressors can be used for filling gas tanks, powering HVAC systems, inflating tires or even cleaning a messy workstation. Talk to a professional air compressor salesman about which compressor is right for your application.

Purchase your new compressor today

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