Tips for Protecting Your Air Compressor During the Summer

If you regularly use air compressors either for business or for hobby purposes, or if you’re perusing air compressors for sale in 53212, there are some things you should know about keeping them in good condition during the hot summer months. To fully protect your air compressors from heat, it’s important to understand how heat can affect this type of equipment.

Here’s an overview of what you should know.

Heat and air compressors

The heat can have a variety of effects on air compressors and their performance, including:

  • Higher cooling temperatures: As heat rises, so too does the temperature of cooling water, which forces the air compressor to work harder than it would otherwise have to in standard conditions.
  • Lower flow rates: Higher air temperatures create less dense air, which means less air will go through the intake and flow rates will be lower.
  • Increased water: Because warmer air holds more water vapor, there will be increased water output from the system. It’s crucial that you have a reliable air dryer in the compressor downstream, and that you have good filtration in the system. Keep in mind that more water output means more draining, which will force those drains to work harder than they would in usual conditions.
  • Lower throttle regulations: The higher the temperatures for your intake air, the lower the ability of the throttle valve to regulate the compressor’s operating range.

Steps to take

Understanding these issues, it then becomes important for you to take the appropriate steps to protect your air compressor and avoid any issues that would result in expensive repairs or full equipment replacement.

First, make sure any room where you’re using a compressor is well ventilated. Extra ventilation helps you keep temperatures lower, which will in turn create more efficient operation of the compressor.

Second, make sure you frequently check filters and drains on your air compressor. These parts of the compressor tend to work harder in the warmer months of summer, so regularly checking them helps you ensure the system is operating efficiently. As another part of these inspections and ongoing maintenance, make sure to change the oil if you have an oil-based compressor. Summer humidity can really cut the lifespan of your oil, so changing it during the summer will help you make sure you get through the entire season with efficient and safe operation.

Make sure your air dryer is working properly before the summer heat really sets in. Air dryers will help you eliminate some of the water and moisture that gets into your compressed air, so having a dryer that works well will help keep your compressor running smoothly.

Finally, make sure that all of the air-cooled heat exchangers in the system are kept clean and free of any debris that could result in blockages of the airflow, which would in turn cause lower efficiency.

For more information about caring for your air compressor or choosing the right air compressor size for your needs in 53212, we encourage you to contact Wenniger Compressor Co. today.

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