Top Tips for Energy-Saving Air Compressor Maintenance

The improvement of air compressor maintenance and air dryer technology has allowed many industries to enjoy increased air compressor efficiency. However, there are still several ways to achieve energy-saving air compressor maintenance through proper use and regular care of air compressors. Below are some tips on how to reduce compressed air consumption:

Regularly Change Your Air Filters

It’s important to keep your air compressor’s air filters clean to ensure that air is properly filtered and compressed. Clogged air filters will cause your air compressor to work harder, using more energy. Change or clean your air filters every three months or sooner if they become clogged. Regular inspection and air filter changes are important parts of air compressor maintenance.

Lower the Operating Pressure to the Lowest Setting Possible

One of the best ways to reduce air compressor energy consumption is to reduce the operating pressure to the lowest possible setting. This can be done by ensuring that all airlines and air tools are properly sized for the compressor’s output. Reducing air compressor pressure will also help prolong the life of your air compressor. Regularly adjust the pressure settings on your air compressor to find the lowest possible setting that still meets your needs.

Verify That Piping and Storage Are Appropriately Sized

Another way to reduce air compressor energy consumption is to ensure that your air compressor’s piping and storage are properly sized and insulated. If the air compressor piping is too small, it can cause increased air pressure losses. Insulating airlines will help keep compressed air at a consistent temperature, which will also help reduce air compressor energy consumption. Wider piping will help reduce air pressure losses and proper air compressor sizing. Choosing the wrong air compressor size is one of the most common maintenance mistakes.

Multiple Compressor Units Need Proper Controls

If you have multiple air compressor units, it’s important to apply proper controls to ensure the air pressure is maintained correctly. By using air compressor sequencing controls, you can ensure that air compressor units are only turned on when needed. This air compressor maintenance tip can help save energy by reducing the time air compressors run unnecessarily.

The air compressor efficiency formula is a great tool to help you calculate the air compressor efficiency of your system. This formula considers the air compressor’s power, airflow rate, and pressure. Use this formula to find ways to improve air compressor efficiency and reduce air compressor energy consumption.

Save on Costs

Finally, here are a few air compressor tips that can help you save money:

Make sure to use air hose fittings that have been properly sized for the air compressor. Air compressors using air hose fittings that are too small can cause air leaks.

Use air hoses that are made of quality materials. Cheap air hoses may seem like a good way to save money, but they will need to be replaced more often, costing you more in the long run. When disposing of air compressor waste oil, recycle it properly. Many local auto parts stores will accept used oil for recycling.


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