What Is the Purpose of a Compressed Air Dryer?

Compressed air dryers are an essential part of all compressor tools. They use different methods to clean and dry compressed air by eliminating particles, water vapor and oil. Clean and dry air is the best way to power applications and avoid control malfunction and corrosion. That means your equipment lasts a long time, with minimal maintenance required. Below, you will learn what a compressed air dryer is, how it works and where it is used.

Compressed Air Dryers and How They Work

So, what is a compressed air dryer? The compressed air dryer purpose is to eliminate water vapor from the atmosphere. Each type of air dryer uses a different method to do this. Compressed air can contain some vapor, which, under optimum conditions, can reach a dew point. This is the measurement of the dryness of air after processing. Basically, a lower dew point temperature means there is less moisture in the air. As a general rule, an air dryer that removes more water vapor will cost you more. Air dryers come in varying types, and each has its own pros and cons. Here are the different types of air dryers you should know about.

Refrigerated Dryers

These are the most commonly used air dryers and are known for their efficiency. They can reduce air up to a 3°C dew point, eliminating the maximum amount of water using minimum resources. Refrigerated dryers work by an easy mechanism: using a liquid refrigerant to cool down the air’s vapor and turn it into a liquid, then removing the liquid content that has been formed. One of the advantages of these dryers is that they are cost-efficient. They also work efficiently. On the downside, they do not remove all the moisture.

Desiccant Dryers

These are also popularly known as "regenerative dryers." They work by pushing air down a chamber filled with desiccants. Desiccants will absorb the water, becoming wet instead of trapping the moisture. If you are in a situation where your products cannot withstand moisture at all, consider using a desiccant dryer. The dryers can help reduce the air dew point up to -40°C or lower. The main advantage of these dryers is that they are effective. However, they are costly to own and run.

Membrane Dryers

These dryers are very efficient, and they work by pushing air down membrane tubes that collect the water vapor and hold onto it. They have become very popular as they are easy to maintain, they do not rely on electricity and are quiet. These dryers can also reduce the air dew point up to -40°C. The downside is that with time the membranes will have to be replaced.

Deliquescent Dryers

These types of dryers also do not rely on electricity. They consist of a pressure vessel that contains salt tablets for absorbing water vapor.

These are the major types of air dryers you should know about. If you are looking for compressed air dryers, reach out to Wenniger Compressor Co. We specialize in compressor sales and service. We stock and supply various parts from top brands like ELGI, and our staff is well trained to deliver quality services. Give us a call today.

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