What Is the New Technology in Air Compressors?

If you use an air compressor in your home or business, you might assume that the industry doesn’t have much more innovation to do. Air compressors in the 53212 area, regardless of their size, are highly useful but basic machines—the bells and whistles usually come from the attachments rather than the compressors themselves. However, there’s an increased emphasis on efficiency and saving energy these days—and some interesting new innovations that use air compressors for power. Here are a few of the newest air compressor technologies, and some insight into where the industry might turn next:

  • Efficient air compressors: The Atlas Copco company just released new air compressors in their GA VSD+ range. These air compressors are designed to be incredibly efficient—they can reduce energy consumption by up to 50 percent with their oil-injected rotary screw compressors. This particular model is 15 percent more efficient than previous models, and is designed to take up less space, make less noise and offer 12 percent more free air delivery. This is accomplished with a single, vertically aligned drive shaft shared by both the motor and the drive train. The drive train is completely enclosed, and uses one oil circuit to cool the motor and lubricate the bearings. The end result is a powerful, efficient rotary screw compressor that’s significantly quieter than comparable air compressors.
  • Compressed air energy storage: Compressed air energy storage has been making waves when it comes to wind power, but it could have applications in other industries, too. As you may know, wind power has been unreliable, since the energy is only available while the wind is blowing. Compressed air energy storage has made it possible to store the air like a battery, so the power is available at any time. Keep an eye out for how this interesting technology may become available in your industry.
  • Vehicles that can run on compressed air: As we continue to look for energy-efficient solutions to cut down on fossil fuel use, some folks have come up with plans for vehicles that run on compressed air. The AIRPod vehicle (you may have seen it on the TV show Shark Tank) is a completely emission-free vehicle that’s designed for urban centers. If air compressors can power an entire car, what could they power next?
  • Air compressor braking systems: Some manufacturers are looking into “air hybrid” braking systems for buses, which create air pressure as soon as buses start decelerating. The compressed air is stored and then used to power the engine’s pistons when the bus takes off once again.

In the future, we can expect basic air compressors to take after the GA VSD+ range: compact, highly efficient and consistent models that still offer plenty of power. It will be interesting to watch how air compressors are used for more unusual applications going forward, like vehicles, braking systems and more.

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