10 Reasons Why You Need an Air Compressor for Your Next Project

Whether you’re an aspiring mechanic or love trying out new DIY projects, an air compressor is one of the best items you can have in your shop. Here are 10 reasons why an air compressor is great for projects at your Wisconsin shop.

They widen your options for tools you can use

After you’ve searched for the right air compressor near me in Milwaukee, WI, you’ll soon see that you’re able to use a greater number of tools for your projects. Pneumatic tools are much cheaper than electric power tools—you’ll be able to afford a greater variety.

Air tools are cheaper to maintain than electric ones

Another benefit to having an air compressor in your Wisconsin shop is that the cost to maintain the air tools is much cheaper when compared to electric tools. The only repair that’s usually needed is occasional lubrication with aerosolizing oil.

You’ll save on energy costs

When you work with power tools, maintenance costs won’t be your only expenses. You’ll also spend plenty of money burning energy to run those tools. Tools powered by an air compressor only use one motor, and they run on compressed air, which means you’ll use a lot less energy to keep them going.

You’ll have more flexibility in your work

Since air compressors can be run on gas, you can take them to off-site locations and work in different environments. You aren’t reliant on an electrical plug to do your jobs.

Air compressors provide more power

You can do more heavy-duty activities with your projects because air tools pack more torque than electric tools of similar quality.

The tools you’ll use are lighter

Since air tools don’t have a built-in electric motor, they’re much lighter than power tools. In general, they have a much higher power to weight ratio, which means you’ll use less physical energy as you do your projects.

Air tools are safer than power tools

Power tools, due to their use of electricity, require much more care in handling than pneumatic tools. You can work faster without sacrificing safety.

Air compressors are crucial for simple auto repairs

Instead of taking your car to a mechanic for simple jobs like fuel filter changes or even for painting small projects, an air compressor helps you run the right tools for a variety of car repair tasks.

Air compressors aid in cleaning

Blasts of air under high pressure help you blow away dust and dirt effectively, helping you clean out your shop more quickly!

They help you perform great paint jobs

Whether you’re working on a car or need to paint a new front door for your house, an air compressor-driven sprayer helps you apply paint like the pros.

It’s clear that hobbyists, DIY-ers and tradesmen alike can benefit from adding an air compressor to their shop in Wisconsin. The first step is checking out all your options for an air compressor near me in Milwaukee, WI. Contact Wenniger Compressor Co. today to select the best air compressor unit for your needs.

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