What Causes Most Air Compressors to Fail?

Throughout Wisconsin, countless machine shops, automotive technicians and homeowners rely on their air compressors to perform tasks around their home or garage. That’s understandable. Air compressors are handy accessories when you need to power pneumatic tools, lay down an even coat of paint and more. Of course, it’s impossible to rely on your air compressor if it fails to function.

For those wondering, “Why do air compressors fail?” we have your answers below.

Prolonged oil changes

You wouldn’t let your car or truck go 15,000 miles between oil changes. In the same way, you should regularly change the oil on your air compressor. The oil is the lifeblood of your compressor. Not only does it facilitate airflow, but it also regulates heat and lubricates bearings. The longer that oil goes without a change, the more contaminants build up and the higher the odds your compressor will break down.

Air contamination

When your compressor is blowing with full power, you might not think there is much danger of those particles finding their way back into the compressor’s body. When you’re curious about why air compressors fail, it’s worth pointing out that particulate contamination is among the most common reasons compressors fail in Wisconsin.


If you notice consistent spikes in your air compressor’s temperature, it could be a sign that you’re due for service. Just as with any other machine, compressors work best below a specific temperature. Above that mark, the chemical structure of the oil begins to break down, rendering the individual components less protected against friction buildup. The result is increased wear and tear on your compressor, plus the risk of sparks and fire.

Electrical issues

Your air compressor works best when operating between specific electrical thresholds. When those barriers are violated in either direction, you will notice problems with your compressor’s performance. If you see fluctuating airflow or inability to start the air compressor, take it to a mechanic as soon as possible.

Lack of preventative maintenance

Far and away, the most critical aspect of making sure your air compressor continues to work correctly is ensuring that an experienced professional inspects and cleans your air compressor on a regular basis. This simple precaution allows a pro to identify potential problem areas before they turn into an outright breakdown of your air compressor.

Your trustworthy team

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