How Often Should Your Air Compressor Be Serviced?

Every garage in the country that wants to claim the title “fully equipped” must have an air compressor. Mechanics rely on these crucial machines for an enormous variety of jobs in every shop and garage, whether commercial or residential. They power pneumatic tools while saving energy compared to electric and battery-powered options. They deliver serious horsepower without sacrificing mobility. They improve your project results, whether you’re painting, working on your car or cleaning.

Of course, to get the most from your air compressor, it will require proper preventative maintenance. That begs the question, how frequently should you consider air compressor servicing in Wisconsin? We’ve got your answers below.

How often do you use it?

The first question to consider when thinking about how often to service your air compressor in Wisconsin is the frequency with which it’s used. As you might expect, the more often you use your air compressor, the more frequently you’ll require air compressor servicing. After all, consistent use of your air compressor means the components within tend to break down quicker. This increased wear and tear means you should have a professional check your compressor.

That said, there are several other factors to consider when scheduling your air compressor maintenance.

What do you use it for?

Perhaps even more important than frequency of use is the jobs for which you employ your air compressor. If you use your air compressor for tasks that produce a lot of debris—painting, woodworking, etc.—then you should keep a close eye on your air compressor’s performance to ensure that the particulates in the air aren’t diminishing your compressor’s functionality.

What’s the general rule of thumb?

In general, professionals suggest that you should have your air compressor serviced every 3,000 work hours. Depending on how much you use your compressor, that could see you getting your compressor into the shop every six to nine months. Typically, if you’ve gone more than a year without having your air compressor examined by a pro, you should strongly consider scheduling maintenance as soon as possible.

What happens when my compressor is serviced?

When you get your air compressor back from the shop, you will immediately notice several improvements. A maintenance pro will thoroughly clean your air compressor. They will also check the connections and clear out accumulated particulate from your hoses. The result is a machine that works more efficiently.

Come to the pros

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