Brand Spotlight: Atlas Copco Compressors

The success of your business is often dependent on the quality of the equipment you utilize. In order to get projects done on time and with little error, quality equipment is a must. When it is time to purchase equipment, it is important that you realize you are not just purchasing equipment, you are making an important investment in your business.

The Wenniger Compressor Co deals in high-quality compressors for names you can trust.  To assist you with your equipment research, we provide brand spotlights to introduce you to the equipment brands we sell. Keep reading to learn more about the Atlas Copco company and compressors.

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco is known around the world as a name brand in industrial equipment manufacturing. This business, based in Stockholm, Sweden, currently has over 42,000 employees and customers around the world. Atlas Copco is not satisfied with simply producing industrial equipment, but carries with them a vision of driving society forward.

Industries around the world trust Atlas Copco because of its pioneer spirit and dedication to driving technology forward.

A Diversified Equipment Manufacturer

One of the factors that helps Atlas provide innovative improvements in industrial equipment is the fact that they offer a wide range of equipment. Compressors, vacuums, power tools, generators, pumps, and assembly systems. This wide variety of expertise allows for cross-innovations that benefit everyone.

The Atlas Copco Mission

Atlas has become a trusted name in manufacturing because of its mission to achieve sustainable, profitable growth. Long-term perspectives that support customers and meet their sustainability initiatives are the foundation of Atlas.

This translates into minimizing the environmental impact of operations as well as making sure that employees’ safety is kept a top priority. Atlas has also committed to ethical growth, which means eliminating practices and policies that infringe on human rights and enforcing zero tolerance for corruption at all levels.

How Atlas Copco Benefits You

Atlas focuses on empowering its customers, both figuratively and literally. Equipping your business with the right tools not only allows you to physically complete your projects and initiatives but also assists you with the vision you have for your company’s impact on the world. This way, Atlas hopes to make a large-scale impact around the globe as they help other industries and businesses accomplish goals with aligned values.

Atlas Copco Compressor

Atlas provides compressed air solutions for industrial applications. This includes industrial compressors, gas compressors, process compressors, as well as air and gas treatment equipment. Atlas also provides solutions for air management systems. Within the Atlas compressors segment, all efforts have been made to ensure that products are developed and produced with sustainable productivity.

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