7 Essential Steps for Air Compressor Service and Maintenance

Do you rely on an air compressor for your everyday operations? If so, you can’t afford to skip ELGi air compressor service and maintenance. Performing this maintenance will keep your compressor running smoothly and reliably. It will also extend the life of your unit and minimize the amount of service the unit requires.

For effective ELGi air compressor service and maintenance, use the following tips. Taking these steps will help you save time and money over the lifespan of your compressor:

  1. Perform comprehensive checks: Every component of an air compressor plays a unique role in the operation of the unit. It is important to check all of these components for proper function. If anything shows wear and tear, it can affect all other parts of the compressor. When you perform ELGi air compressor service and maintenance, make sure your inspections are thorough.
  2. Monitor oil levels: It is essential to keep parts properly lubricated to avoid damage to the compressor. Check oil levels regularly. Confirm appropriate levels with the manufacturer’s instructions, and make adjustments as needed.
  3. Keep things cool: Remember: Your air compressor requires appropriate ventilation and cooling for proper operation. Watch for excessive heat. If you notice an abundance of heat discharge, there may be a problem with the cooling system or you may need to adjust ventilation around the unit.
  4. Watch your fuses: Does your compressor regularly blow the fuse? If so, the fuse probably does not support the load that the compressor requires. To avoid future damage and service interruption, replace the fuse with one that is appropriate for the electrical load of an ELGi air compressor.
  5. Adjust belts: Just like the ones that go around your waist, compressor belts should never be too loose or too tight. Inspect and adjust compressor belts regularly to prevent belts from wearing out prematurely. This simple ELGi air compressor service and maintenance can help you prevent further damage to the compressor and help you save on future repairs.
  6. Look for red flags: When you perform inspections of your compressor, watch for signs of wear and tear. Rusted pipes, metal deposits in the oil and excessive vibrations are all signs that it’s time for more intensive ELGi air compressor service and maintenance. Don’t ignore these red flags. If you see these signs that your compressor needs service, contact a professional right away.
  7. Call for backup: If you discover that your compressor needs further maintenance or repairs, contact a licensed professional for assistance. These experts can quickly determine what maintenance for the air compressor for ELGi is required and complete it safely and efficiently.

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