Five Great DIY Air Compressor Projects

If you’re someone who likes to tackle home projects, you’re likely familiar with power tools. Whether it’s a power drill or a table saw, having the right kind of powered equipment can make your projects significantly easier. This is especially true for air compressors.

Whether you’re thinking about buying an air compressor or already have one, there are several air compressor DIY projects you could try to tackle. An air compressor can be used for a multitude of different applications. Here are some fantastic home projects for your air compressor.


Having an air compressor can make painting large surfaces and smaller, more intricate surfaces a breeze. Here’s how it works: you hook up your air compressor to a spray gun. The spray gun is connected to a paint canister, and the compressed air propels the paint out of the gun. You can now paint faster and more uniformly than you ever could with a brush or a roller. This works great for painting walls and fences, in addition to being ideal for woodwork, because the tiny paint particles can get into smaller crevices better than traditional paint.


One of the more difficult parts of carpentry when working alone can be nailing. An air compressor makes it easier and more cost-effective. You can hook up the nail gun to the air compressor and power it that way. Air-powered nail guns can cost a fraction of the price of battery-powered nail guns, and they’re usually lighter, too.


If you have a sentimental attachment to a chair or couch, you may want to apply new upholstery. An air-powered staple gun works just like an air-powered nail gun, and is far superior to a traditional hand stapler. You can use the pneumatic staple gun to fire staples into the wooden portion of the furniture you’re re-upholstering, and this will secure the fabric in place. This will not only be easier than the traditional method, but also safer.

Automotive work

Many do-it-yourselfers love to work on their cars. An air compressor is a must have for gearheads. It can perform multiple useful functions. You can use the air compressor to inflate a car’s tires, or you can hook it up to an air-powered ratchet. Older cars sometimes have nuts or bolts that are stubborn and won’t budge, but if you have an air compressor, you can use an air-powered ratchet to get into tight spaces and remove stubborn nuts and bolts.

Filling items with air

If you have children or you like to exercise or go outside, an air compressor would be useful for that alone. If you’ve ever tried to blow up an air mattress with just your lungs, you understand how difficult it can be. You can use the air compressor to blow up everything from bicycle tires to soccer balls, inflatable pools and inflatable guest beds. The only caveat is that you should watch these items as they’re inflating to prevent blowouts.

Call for your air compressor today

If you’re in the market for an air compressor, these DIY projects could be within your reach. These home projects for your air compressor can improve your home and give you something productive to do with your down time. For more information about getting an air compressor, call Wenniger Compressor Co., where we’ve been the area’s air compressor experts since 1932.

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