DIY Projects Made Easier with an Air Compressor

It seems like there’s always work to do around the house. Instead of paying expensive contractors, many homeowners opt to tackle some types of home improvement projects by themselves. The downside is that many of these projects take quite a bit of time and effort without the proper tools.

One tool you should always have on hand if you’re a DIY-er is an air compressor. Continue reading to learn a few of the DIY projects for which to use an air compressor:

  • Painting walls: Painting walls with rollers or paintbrushes can take hours and is physically taxing, especially if the walls are high. The solution to saving your time and energy is using a compressed air spray gun. With a compressed air gun in your arsenal, you’ll save yourself from hours of hard labor and wind up with better results.
  • Fine painting projects: Don’t stop with your walls—compressed air guns are also great for painting objects that require fine detail, like cabinets or furniture. Be sure to keep the pressure low and the volume high to achieve a smooth and even surface that can’t be accomplished with brushes or rollers.
  • Upholstery work: Another one of our favorite DIY projects for which to use an air compressor is reupholstering old furniture. As long as the piece is structurally sound, reupholstering results in a brand-new look without requiring you to spend a fortune on new furniture. A staple gun powered by compressed air makes this chore much easier and faster to complete.
  • Installing trim: Installing trim or molding can make a room stand out without requiring a ton of redecorating. This process is a little tricky if you don’t have the right tools, though. A pneumatic nail gun allows you to put up new trim in minutes without worrying about damaging the wood with a heavy hammer.
  • Cleaning: Many of our air compressor DIY projects can result in a messy home or garage. Thankfully, your air compressor can also make cleanup a breeze. Simply spray down your messy area to quickly remove sawdust, dirt or other debris. Your air compressor can also come in handy when you need to dust hard-to-reach areas or clean up leaves in your yard.
  • Auto work: If you’re a car owner who takes pride in tackling their own auto work, you should have an air compressor in your garage. Air compressors can be used for everything from inflating low tires to removing bolts.
  • Inflatables: Your car’s tires aren’t the only thing an air compressor can inflate. Break out your air compressor if you need to blow up a soccer ball, basketball, pool toy, air mattress or any other inflatable item. Just keep the pressure low while inflating—otherwise, you could end up with a blowout.

Do you need air compressor service?

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