How to Know What Generator Is Right for You

Throughout late August and September, much of the Pacific Coast of the United States was set ablaze. During that same time period, tropical storms blasted the Gulf Coast. The result of these extreme weather hazards saw countless Americans without power for days at a time. Now, as summer ends and the weather begins to turn colder, the people of Wisconsin are reminded that those same patterns of severe weather are about to turn our way. Are you prepared?

If you’re caught without power for an extended period, the best tool you can have in your arsenal is a functional generator. Of course, once you begin to search for an alternative power source, you’ll quickly discover that there are numerous generators to choose from in Wisconsin—which begs the question: “What generator is right for me?”

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

What needs to stay powered?

Four basic types of generators can power items in your home. You just need to decide what is integral. For example, a small, recreational generator can keep your refrigerator, laptops and smartphones working for hours at a time. A slightly larger midsize generator can power all of the above plus an AC window unit.

Rural homeowners who rely on well water should consider getting a larger generator that can keep your fridge going, as well as clean water coming into your house. Finally, the biggest option—the Home Standby—will power anything and everything you can connect to it.

What is the wattage of my necessary appliances?

When you’re curious about what generator is right for you, you should pay close attention to the wattage of your various appliances. All home appliances in Wisconsin have their wattage listed clearly on their outside. If you’re not sure, the manufacturer’s website should tell you if you provide the model number. It’s crucial that the combined wattage of your essential appliances not exceed your generator’s overall wattage.

How often is the power out?

If your power is typically reliable, then you should focus your efforts on an emergency generator. That means you can stick to smaller varieties that you can use to preserve your food and charge up your cell phones as needed. However, if your power goes out regularly, you should consider a beefier option, like a large inverter.

Let us help!

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