Distributor Spotlight: ELGi

Whether you’re working around the home or in a factory, having a good air compressor can reduce the amount of manpower you need to finish a job. When we find a company that consistently puts out a great product and is easy to work with, we want to highlight their products and tell our customers all about what they can expect from the brand.

We’ve been a proud partner to ELGi and an ELGi compressor distributor in Wisconsin since 2013. Over the last seven years, we’ve been happy to work with the company and offer their quality products for sale in our shop—in fact, the partnership has been so great that ELGi has officially recognized us for our work together.

Cliff Wenniger’s trip to Coimbatore, India

In 2013, Cliff Wenniger, president of Wenniger Compressor Co., traveled to Coimbatore in India to visit the ELGi manufacturing headquarters. While he was there, he met the managing director of ELGi, Dr. Jay Varadaraj, as well as the rest of the ELGi team—which, he found, was the best part of the experience. As a compressor distributor, he was happy that his suggestions were heard and considered, and was quite impressed by the professionalism and quality he witnessed during his visit. When he returned, he started selling ELGi air compressors through Wenniger Compressor Co.—a testament to how much faith he has in ELGi products.

Recently, ELGi officially recognized Wenniger Compressor Co. for the seven years of work we’ve done together. Our company, which has served Wisconsin customers since 1932, is thrilled to have another great partner.

Why you’ll love ELGi compressors

We’re already big fans of ELGi compressors at our shop, and we think you will be, too. ELGi has been in the business of manufacturing air compressors since 1960, and now manufactures rotary screws, as well. They’ve made over 3 million air compressors, which have been sent to and installed in over 70 countries across the planet.

In fact, ELGi is the only compressor manufacturer to have a factory over 100,000 square feet. They manufacture over 30,000 different types of pressure vessels and employ 15,000 workers. Most importantly, they are the only manufacturer who offers a lifetime air end warranty—they stand behind their products, and we do, too.

ELGi specializes in portable compressors as well as oil-free compressors. They guarantee low energy loss and air outlet temperatures while delivering superior results across the board. Their portable air compressors are designed to be as kind as possible to the environment, without sacrificing quality. Plus, the company designs and manufactures plenty of air compressor accessories, so you can be assured of the ELGi commitment to quality while maximizing your air compressor’s efficiency.

Interested in learning more about the ELGi brand and why we love them? Be sure to call us to find out more.

ELGI compressor distributors in Wisconsin

When you need quality air compressors and accessories, call Wenniger Compressor Co. to find the right tools for the job. Since 1932, we’ve helped sell, install and service countless air compressors in Wisconsin. Reach out to learn more about what we can do for your operation!

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