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 Synerlec™ Works!

Life | Strength | Reduced Vibration | Water Separation | Saves Energy | Corrosion | Cleanliness | Solvency | Compatibility  Environment

   Synerlec™ is the cornerstone for Royal Purple's high performance synthetic lubricants. Synerlec™ is Royal Purple's proprietary synthetic additive package that is performance proven in both industry and racing to make equipment run smoother, cooler, quieter, longer and more efficiently. Synerlec™ makes both the oil and the equipment last many times longer. 

   To make the very best oil possible, Royal Purple combines superior synthetic base oils with our proprietary Synerlec™ synthetic additives. The result is a dependable, long life lubricant with all of the properties equipment needs to achieve maximum life and performance: 

Longer Oil Life 

   Royal Purple oils formulated with Synerlec™ last many times longer than other mineral and synthetic oils. Synerlec's protects against oil oxidation which causes oils to break down, thicken, form corrosive acids and sludge, varnish and lacquer deposits in equipment. This greatly reduces both the amount of oil purchased and disposed of. Equipment also remains cleaner and lasts longer. 

High Film Strength 

   Synerlec™ forms a slippery, super-tough, synthetic film on metal surfaces that protects bearings far beyond the ability of other oils. Royal Purple oils carry up to 700% greater loads than other mineral and synthetic oils. Like an insurance policy, this extraordinary film strength provides extra protection for bearings subjected to mechanical stresses such as misalignment, shaft flex, imbalance, water contamination or elevated temperatures that thin the oil. 

Reduces Bearing Vibrations 

   Royal Purple oils with Synerlec™ "micro-polish" contacting bearing elements. Smoother bearing surfaces improve "relative oil film thickness" and promote fully elastohydrodynamic operating conditions, which lowers bearing vibrations and operating temperatures while greatly improving bearing life. Bearings that would otherwise quickly fail due to diminished oil film thickness, can run normally for many years when lubricated with Royal Purple oils with Synerlec™. 

Separates Rapidly from Water 

   Water in oil means death to bearings. Many oils form "milky" oil-water emulsions which greatly shorten the life of both the oil and the equipment it lubricates. Royal Purple's industrial synthetic lubricants separate rapidly and completely from water so that the water can easily be drained from the bottom of oil reservoir. Synerlec™ forms a tough ionic bond with metal surfaces to effectively displace damaging moisture from bearing surfaces, thereby minimizing damage to bearings caused by "hydrogen embrittlement." 

Saves Energy 

   Cost of energy is the single largest expense in operating rotating equipment. Typically, energy cost will be 20-25 times larger than direct maintenance costs. Thus, energy savings of just 0.1% can pay for 100% of oil purchases. Royal Purple's premium synthetic lubricants with Synerlec™ have an extremely low coefficient of friction that is proven to save energy over conventional oils. In rotating equipment, Royal Purple frequently provides energy savings from 1 to 3% or more. In most equipment, these savings exceed the total cost of the oil within several months, making what was once an "oil expense" into a profit center. 

Excellent Corrosion Protection 

   Royal Purple's tough Synerlec™ film forms an ionic bond on metal surfaces displacing corrosive moisture. This tough film protects during operation and acts as a preservative oil during shutdown.  This same film provides instant lubrication on start-up until a full fluid oil film can be restored. 

Extremely Clean 

   Most oils are not clean. It's the dirty little secret that oil companies don't want to talk about. Clean oil is critical to equipment component reliability. Royal Purple is the only lubricant manufacturer that routinely ships oils with a typical ISO 4406 Cleanliness Level of 14/13/11 as verified by laser particle counter. This high cleanliness level alone can improve equipment reliability by 300-700%.

Synthetic Solvency 

   Royal Purple's synthetic lubricants have a natural synthetic solvency that cleans up dirty equipment and keeps it clean. Clean equipment, like new equipment, runs better. 

Compatible with Seals 

   Royal Purple lubricants have excellent seal compatibility and can be used wherever traditional mineral oils are used. 

Compatible with Other Oils 

   Purple lubricants are compatible with, and can be mixed with, other mineral oils and most other synthetic oils (not compatible with silicone or glycol synthetics). 

Environmentally Responsible 

   All Royal Purple lubricants are formulated with components that are TSCA listed. Meets EPA, RCRA and OSHA requirements. Some products are also biodegradable. Royal Purple also conserves resources by greatly extending drain intervals, reducing oil disposal and the energy consumption of the equipment it lubricates.

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