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 Royal Purple Synthetic Lubricants

     Royal Purple produces a wide range of high performance synthetic lubricants for nearly every industrial application. Because Royal Purple's sole focus is to create state-of-the-art synthetic lubricants—unlike most oil companies that primarily focus on fuel—its industry experts develop products that significantly outperform other synthetic or mineral-based oils in laboratory settings and more importantly, in the field.

Wenniger Compressor Company recommends and uses Royal Purple synthetic lubricants in all the industrial compressors we sell and service.  Royal Purple's Synerlec™ synthetic additive gives it a high film strength and is performance proven in industry to make equipment run smoother, cooler, quieter, longer and more efficiently.  To find out why we recommend Royal Purple synthetic lubricants and what makes Synerlec™ so great click here.  

Any questions on how Royal Purple can help you  or your company call our 

parts department directly at  (414) 372-5320.

For more information on the Royal Purple advantage, and what causes 54% of bearings to fail click here.

To find out more about  Royal Purple products click the links

A recent UW-Milwaukee study on the cost savings by using Royal Purple can be found here.  The final conclusions can be found here.

For more information contact us by phone or email or visit Royal Purple on the web at: www.royalpurple.com


 To Order Royal Purple CALL (414) 372-5320

 3435 N. Buffum St.
 Milwaukee WI 53212
 Phone:(414) 372 5320
 Fax:(414) 264 1519


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