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Efficient, Trouble-Free Operation   

   Easily operated by one man, Rhino Post Drivers deliver up to 1700 blows per minute. One moving part, a reciprocating piston, strikes directly on the Post or Drive Cap.  The Drivers have low air consumption rates, are light-weight and hand portable, ideal for driving in places that are hard to reach.  

   All you need is enough air capacity, the recommended air pressure, a Filter-Regulator-Lubricator to assure clean air, plus ten drops of oil per minute, and your Rhino Post Driver will give you Fast, Low Cost driving.  Alloy Steel Pistons and other features insure little or no maintenance.



Select the right size for your job

   Light Duty             Medium Duty             Heavy Duty             Pullers
      PD-45                PD-39                   PD-110              MP-3
                              PD-39P                 PD-140              PL-3




Not sure which Rhino Post Driver is right for you?  How to choose a Driver

          For more information or to purchase a Rhino contact us at 414-372-5320 or  by email
 3435 N. Buffum St.
 Milwaukee WI 53212
 Phone:(414) 372 5320
 Fax:(414) 264 1519

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